Set Up Your Own Beauty Salon

Do you have the skill to make a person look beautiful within minutes? Do you love dressing up people around you and make them look fabulous on their special day? If you have the talent and skill of a professional beautician or a stylist, why not consider opening your own beauty salon? Though starting your own business has its set of risks and concerns, there are many advantages too. Here are a few of them:


When you are an entrepreneur, you are your own boss. You don’t have to answer anyone or put up with any unwanted attitude and comments. When you have your own concern, you can give out appointments, based on your schedule and plan you day accordingly. When you don’t feel like working or feel like taking that long lunch break, you can just give out a late appointment and not worry.

More Income

Since you own the salon, the income you get from all the services you offer are all yours. You don’t have to wait for anyone to pay you a salary or negotiate for a better pay. If you have done well that month, you get paid more, if business has been slow, the pay will be less. Your income is directly proportionate to how well business was that month. Since you are not getting a salary after a part of the profit has been taken by the owners, you get more pay per service itself.


When you own your own beauty salon, the experience you gain is much more than what you can gain by working under someone. Though there are a number of risks and concerns involved, when you are the owner, you get to handle all the issues. This will help you understand the industry better and plan accordingly. you can put your experience to good use and improve your business on a day to day basis.

When you have your own concern the exposure you get is also more. salon owners are invited to product launches and seminars. This enables you to attend many seminars that are by other professionals or the experts in the industry. These programs can really teach you a lot and help you grow professionally. When you work at a salon, you may not get the chance and even if you do, it will only be in turns as all employees will have to get their turn.

When you own your own salon, the chances of you working woth celebrities are more. once a salon is well established, you can expect known faces to walk in. if it is a salon you are working in, there is no guarantee that you will get the opportunity to style one of the biggest star's hair. However, if it is your own salon, you get to decide who does what. Apart from styling them, you can even create a rapport and get more business through them and their contacts.

When you are the owner and are performing some service, your clients will tend to talk more to you and get friendly. This is a type of direct marketing, wherein you can get more clients and customers through word of mouth. When you are an employee, this type of marketing is not very effective as it is the salon that will get the fame and not you as an individual

Going to a cosmetology school may require you to invest a considerable amount of money and time. However, one stands to gain a lot from it and the future as a beautician will be better and you get to showcase your talents in a broader group. If you have already established yourself as a good beauty service provider, with your various skills and techniques, attending a course at a cosmetology school will only enhance your career options. It will give you leverage and help you set up your own salon when you are ready for it. So how long is cosmetology school? One can take different types of courses and finish their course within 8 months to two years. It does not take as long as traditional degrees. Hence it is a wise decision to invest in such an education and exposure and reap the benefits all your life.