About The Company Information

We are a professional Beauty salon that offers all types of services. This salon was started by a single person who loved taking care of other people and enjoyed making them look good for special occasions. What started as a hobby turned into a passion and now a professional business. It was only after a number of people noticed her efforts and talents, did she realize she had what it takes to be a professional beautician. With no one to turn to for help, she was guided by a friend to take up a professional course at a cosmetology school. It is this course that changed her life. This is why we believe in enhancing one’s abilities and providing opportunities for those who don’t know their true potential. We even offer courses that can help you learn and become a certified stylist. We also have tie-ups with a number of leading cosmetology schools and beauty brands.

As a result when you join us, not only will you be trained professionally, you will also be given the exposure and your first opening to establish yourself in this highly competitive industry. Our course includes one month of training in our salon, where you get to observe and work alongside our professionals and experts.

We believe this type of a practical exposure is what is needed for one to excel in this industry. No books or videos can suffice practical learning. When you learn from the best professionals in the industry, not only do you get a good exposure, but they will give you tips and tricks that can take you to higher levels in this industry.

When a person with no beauty industry background or exposure to the beauty line can create and run such a company, anyone with a little talent can become a good stylist and beautician. If you have a passion for applying makeup and making people look good, come to us. We are here to analyze and understand what you want and if what you want is a good support and schooling to help you break into the beauty industry, we are here to give it to you.